About Rabbi Simcha Weinberg

largeA spiritual leader for over three decades, Rabbi Simcha Weinberg imparts his wisdom through the website TheFoundationStone.org. He writes about matters related to Judaism and teaches readers how to apply its principles to their lives. The “i-Celebrate: Holidays” section provides details on Jewish Holy Days, such as Pesach, Succot, and Tu Bishvat. Through “i-Study: Bible,” Rabbi Simcha Weinberg has posted over 10,000 articles analyzing portions of the Torah. Moreover, the site contains podcasts featuring topics ranging from fasting to preparing for Shabbat.

To prepare for his career, Rabbi Weinberg attended Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Maryland. While earning his bachelor of Talmudic Law, he became ordained as a rabbi and obtained certification in Shechitah, Safrut, and Milah Dayanut. Shortly thereafter, he completed a master of Talmudic Law from the institution. Over the next 20 years, he served as a rabbi at congregations in California, New York, and Missouri before returning to the same school for his doctor of Talmudic Law. Additionally, the rabbi spent several years as the founder and dean of the IDT Center for Torah and Technology, combining religious study with technical certification.


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