A Non-Anniversary

Yesterday was Gilad Shalit’s third anniversary in captivity. People marked the day with protests, petitions, articles, Twitters and letters. The anniversary and the extra activity have ended. Many synagogues, not enough, will continue to recite a weekly prayer for his release. Some people will continue to follow the story online, but the extra attention has faded. Gilad is, if alive, still in captivity. His nightmare continues each second of every day of every week of every month of every year that he is in the power of the monstrous killers of Hamas.
I chose to wait until the non-anniversary to write this email. The anniversary is important to remind the world and us about this 22-year old boy and his hellish suffering. The day after his terrible nightmare is also important; we must keep him in mind and do all we can for him every day, especially when it is his non-anniversary, when too many will forget about him while he languishes in captivity.
·    Write, email or call President Obama.
·    Write, email or call Both of your Senators and your Representative in Congress.
·    Write, email, or call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
·    Speak about Gilad’s situation to at least one new person each day.
·    Imagine his situation for just a few seconds and then say a short prayer for him each night.

Please pray for his family and friends. Please remember that each young man or woman, who, as Gilad, goes out to stop a terrorist attack, is as vulnerable as Gilad. They need our support. They need to know that we will not just mark anniversaries, but non-anniversaries as well.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg

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