R & The Amazings

I received the above pictures of amazing creations from my friend R. Thousands of people sent and received the email. R’s is different. The same creatures, the same pictures as all the other emails, yet different because they were sent by an amazing human being. R is a true hero, a master of generosity, and an artist of compassion. The pictures are different for me because I can see them through R’s eyes.
The world as seen through the eyes of Isaiah, has a different quality than the world we see. Peer at the world through Isaiah’s eyes in this week’s Haftarah:Trembling in Excitement. Reexamine teaching our children through the perspective of The Music of Halacha in Dos and Don’ts. Take a look at some boring guests in What is the Reason, and gain some new perspectives on Prayer inForms of Prayer.
The Foundation Stone is honored and thrilled to introduce the Torah of HaRav David Lapin, a Torah giant, and a great thinker. Rav Lapin’s website, iAwaken.orgis a treasure trove of Torah, Hashkafa, Talmud, and meaning. Rav Lapin’s thought is focused on discovering the powerful inner meaning of Torah and Observance. We thank Rabbi Lapin for the opportunity to post his thought on The Foundation Stone and we urge all to sign on to iAwaken.org and learn from this great scholar. We offer two of Rabbi Lapin’s essays as this week’s Table Talk.
HaRav Nachman Cohen continues to astound us with his uncanny ability to explain the connection between the weekly portion and the time of the year in his A Time For All Things. Rabbi Irwin Katsof teaches us about Negative Speechand Bentzion Meltzer continues to bring the Baal Shem Tov to life with hisstories and The Keter Shem Tov.
The Foundation Stone is proud to continue posting the 49 Midot Hayom: From Redemption to Revelation with a new post for each day of the Omer. You can find the previous posts in i-Celebrate: Shavuot.

The essays this week are posted in the merit of Michael Yitzhak HaLevi ben Miriam Yehudit: May the Master of the Universe bless him with a speedy and complete recovery. We have posted Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg ZT”L on Rosh Chodeshin the merit of Moshe Tuvia El-ad ben Leah who is scheduled to have surgery next week.

With wishes that all of you have an Amazing Shabbat,

Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg

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