I was so good! I prioritized the more than two hundred emails I received yesterday and carefully chose to which I would respond. Unfortunately, the people so honored that I responded to their emails, obviously felt so honored by my response that they responded and now expect another response. I still haven’t had the time to respond to the prioritized emails, let alone the rest of them, my phones are ringing off their hooks, more emails are arriving as I write, and I am falling further and further behind in posting my weekly columns (Sorry, Lou! I still owe you your column.) Oh! I also have to work, meet with people, pay bills etc. etc. To top it all off, I have been (self) diagnosed with a terrible case of Busy-itis.
So, you ask, why take the time to write this newsletter? It’s simple. Purim is the time of connecting and sharing. (See this week’s Music of Halacha: Purim Madness) I want to share my Busy-itis with you.
Is there a cure? Not really. This Shabbat, Parashat Zachor – Remember – I plan to make a L’chaim to all the good things that make me so busy. I will celebrate the joy of writing for The Foundation Stone. I will rejoice in the Shiurim – classes – I have the great privilege to teach. I will take pleasure in the fact that God has allowed me to help the people who call and email. I will remember the blessings in my life and recall, as well, what it is like without those blessings. L’chaim to Rabbi Yochanan Zweig, Bentzion Meltzer, Menachem HaKohen, Rabbi Irwin Katsof, Jacob Segura and all those who have enriched our website. (I’m getting tipsy!) I will then drink a L’chaim to all of you who read my humble offerings, listen to the podcasts, send in questions that don’t allow me to sleep, and demand more learning. Thank you for adding to and sharing in my Busyosity.
You can keep yourselves busy with “How The Mighty Have Fallen” on the special Haftarah of Zachor. You can spend time on the special editions of Table Talk andParsha Hound on Esther. You may choose to occupy yourselves with Words Can Heal, Keter Shem Tov, Stories of the Ba’al Shem Tov, or with the daily posts onPrayer.

The Foundation Stone wishes all of you the most joyous and productive Purim.

Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg

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