I have much to say to many people, conversations yet to happen. I have thanks, regrets, anger and questions that are waiting for the right opportunity. I have run through some of these conversations for quite a while. I have rehearsed what I want to say to many people, and I am simply biding my time until I have the right opening.

It seems clear that Joseph planned for his first meeting with the brothers who sold him into slavery. I imagine Joseph rehearsing innumerable times over two decades for that first conversation. Did the brothers ever discuss what they would say to their victim? Did they ever even consider what to say? It appears that not. How sad.

I intended this website to be a conversation with you, the readers, and to stimulate conversations over Shabbat meals and in our forums. Our goal is to create a virtual community of people searching for more meaning in their religious lives.We are thrilled that the talks are expanding and that we can introduce an important and honored voice, Dr. Menachem HaKohen, a gifted thinker, healer and writer. Hear the compassion in his voice and the wisdom in his challenge to us to participate in an important conversation about ethics. We direct you to his new column: Occasional Keystones from Medical Arches
Necha Esther Missler offers a story of one person initiating an important conversation about kindness:A Lesson in Kindness

Hear the voice of Zechariah in Transitions as he converses with us over the span of two thousand years. Listen to the Music of Halacha: Miracles as it reminds us that Halacha is actually a conversation between God and us. Our conversation with Halacha continues with Chanukah Exercises Part Two

Happy Chanukah

Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg

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